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Mortar vs. Silicone

The Advantages of Mortar over Silicone

  • Mortar will not mold or mildew
  • No industry standards for the use of silicone in glass block basement or bathroom windows.
  • Entry has been gained through siliconed glass block windows by the use of box cutters and utility knives
  • There is a huge descrepancy between the quality of the silicone products being used.
  • Silicone does NOT pass building code

Minnesota Building Code & International Residential Code  (pg. 191)

Section R610
Glass Unit Masonry

R610.1 General.
Panels of glass unit masonry located in load-bearing and nonload-bearing exterior and interior walls shall be constructed in accordance with this section.

R610.8 Mortar. Glass unit masonry shall be laid with Type S or N mortar.

R610.10 Placement. Head and bed joints of glass unit masonry shall be 1/4 inch thick.

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